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Introducing the DieCastMotors.com on-line superstore for all of your American scall model requirements. At this "Die Cast Motors dot com" site you'll discover a wide range of Scale Models, Cadillacs, Dodge Chargers, Dodge Vipers, 57 Chevs, Police cars, Muscle cars, Trucks, corvettes, Thunderbirds, Transams, Camaros, Mustangs, Classic and new. Every scale model is pictured and a cion placed next to is so that the scale can be judged. The pictures show the boxed model and the model out of it's box. The die-cast models are mostly made of metal from all of the leading manufactureres. American cars and trucks are included. In addition is a page of fun toys. (e.g. American train whisle)
These die cast models are imported from many countries so that we can bring you the best products on the web.
We are constantly looking for new die-cast cars and trucks to widen our quality range of models. We know how important a mint condition box is and every care is taken in the packaging of your Die-cast Model. The die cast models come from a large number of manufactureres including, Corgi, Hot Wheels, Racing Champions, Truckin USA, The Franklin Mint, Matchbox, Revell, Action, American muscle, Maisto and Bburago. (except for sexy clothing where latex rubber is ideal) We specialise in American cars and trucks and many are imported from the USA. All of our site pages download quickly, are full of pictures and are easy to use.

At the DieCastMotors.com on-line superstore you'll discover an easy to use, information packed web site. Online mail order is available with fast delivery.
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